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uPVC French Windows Great Dunmow

Enjoy a seamless link with your garden in or near Great Dunmow when you install new uPVC French casement windows. The sashes in your uPVC French casement windows will open to almost 90 degrees when both are opened together. Apart from the central mullion separating the two sections, your product will provide an almost unbroken view of the outside.

During warmer weather, your uPVC French casement windows will invite in fresh breezes that will keep your room cool. The versatility of your double glazing will become evident when you’re entertaining because you’ll be able to keep your dining area, conservatory or extension the perfect temperature while hosting a party at your home in or near Braintree.

Maintaining your uPVC French casement windows will be easy, too. Because they can be opened almost at a right angle, you’ll be access to the hinges inside the profile. When fully opened, your double glazing will look fresh and clean and create a superb first impression when visitors come to see you. Find out more by contacting our friendly team today.


uPVC French Casement Window Essex

Ventilate and Protect Your Home with uPVC French Casement Windows

Choosing double glazing that will tie-in stylistically with the themes and schemes of your property in or near Great Dunmow or Braintree is important. So is protecting your investment, which is why uPVC French casement windows should be on your design radar when looking for a suitable product.

uPVC French casement windows open to create wide spaces that invite in plenty of cool air. This will regulate the temperate of your home and prevent the build-up of condensation, which could lead to mould if untreated. Your home in or near Great Dunmow or Braintree will look clean and stay warm as a result.

At all other times, the glazing in your uPVC French casement windows will help regulate the temperature of your room by limiting the amount of UV light that can penetrate into its interior. You won’t need to worry about your home, conservatory or extension overheating and will be able to relax instead.

Secure and Strong uPVC French Casement Windows for Your Home

Protecting your home by choosing double glazing of the highest quality will form part of your research into uPVC French casement windows. Our double glazing is engineered with security in mind. The industry-leading hinges and locks built into the profile of your windows will protect you and your family.

Our uPVC French casement windows are strong enough to resist harsh impacts – whether they’re caused by environmental factors or someone attempting to gain unauthorised access to your property. Because uPVC French casement windows open widely, they also double-up well as a fire escape.

uPVC French Casement Windows Dunmow

Available Colours:




White Ash




Golden Oak




Irish Oak


Anthracite Grey


Slate Grey


Black Ash




Quartz Platinum




Crown Platin


Agate Grey


Moondust Grey

Customise and Accessorise Your uPVC French Casement Windows

We have extensive experience of helping homeowners in Great Dunmow, Braintree – and the surrounding areas – make the right stylistic choices when it comes to the design of their uPVC French casement windows. From choosing the right colour and foil options, through to selecting the right accessories, we will guide you toward a decision that will improve the aesthetic value of your home and increase its market value.

Our uPVC French casement windows communicate neutral but appealing lines that make their design universal. This means they are suitable for a range of applications, including heritage or modern builds – large or small. The bespoke colours and finished used in the final design of your windows will contribute toward a unique look that will help your home to stand out from the crowd and look stunning inside and out.

Whether you’re embarking on a home improvement project for your own benefit, or because you want to make it a more attractive proposition to future buyers, uPVC French casement windows installed by Dunmow Glazing will provide a range of benefits designed to help you meet your objectives. Your home, conservatory or extension will be warmer, safer and more aesthetically appealing once your casement windows are fitted.

To add further value to your property, explore our range of high-performing doors, conservatories, orangeries and roofline products. We can support you with every aspect of your home improvement project and help you to achieve a design that’s outstanding and fully consistent. Ask us for a free quote by calling01245 956370 or by using our contact form to send us a free message, in which case we’ll provide a fast response.

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