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Lantern Roofs Great Dunmow

We install stunning lantern roofs to homes in Great Dunmow and surrounding Essex towns. A beautiful combination of aesthetics and practicality, our range of lantern roofs offer exceptional quality and high-performance. Lantern roofs provide high levels of security, without compromising on the level of privacy you have. Each product is available in a range of customisation options, guaranteed to suit the needs of your home.

Our exceptional range of lantern roofs are available for home improvement projects in Dunmow and other areas within and around Essex. With a wide array of designs, we are sure that you will find the perfect option within our range of lantern roofs, guaranteed to suit your home. Make sure your home is protected and highly secure with our range of lantern roofs.

Benefits of Lantern Roofs

Our range of exceptional lantern roofs boast many benefits that are highly-regarded. With their long-lasting properties and high-performance, it is guaranteed to be a worthwhile investment into any type of home.


Thermally Efficient

The large range of lantern roofs we offer provide your home with exceptional levels of thermal efficiency. We utilise the highest level of double glazing to ensure your home is trapping in as much heat as possible. This gently warms your home, ensuring you will not need to reach for the thermostat every day. With easy opening functionalities, you can quickly and easily ventilate your home, should it get too warm. The tight seals ensure no heat is lost.


Lantern Roofs Dunmow

Lantern Roof Costs Dunmow

Weather Resistance

Our lantern roofs are entirely weather proof, making them the best products for your home. We utilise the highest standard of double glazing to make your home better protected against the outside weather conditions. The frames we use are made from the highest quality material to ensure your home is perfectly able to protect you and your family. Regardless of what the Great British weather may be up to, you can remain dry and safe inside your home.

More Features and Benefits

Our range of high-quality, high-performance lantern roofs are ideal for any type of home. With an extensive range of benefits, you can be sure to find the perfect style of lantern roofs for your home.

Stunning Conservatory Roofs Essex Dunmow

Stunning Designs

Whether you have a large home or a small home, a uniquely shaped conservatory or a conventionally shaped one, we are sure to have the perfect range of lantern roofs guaranteed to suit your home. Designed to bring out the best features of your home, you are guaranteed to benefit from the stunning designs we offer.

Increased Light

Is your home a bit smaller than you would have liked? Did you know that with our exceptional range of lantern roofs, you can increase the light in your home that is guaranteed to make sure your home looks and feels brighter and more spacious? With our exceptional range, you will be able to instantly see this benefit, ensuring it lifts your mood and heightens your energy levels.

Gable-End Roof

Bespoke Lantern Roofs Dunmow


Available in a range of high-quality colours and finishes, you will be sure to find the perfect match for your home. Our exceptional range of lantern roofs are fully customisable in a variety of high-quality colours and finishes, guaranteed not to rot, discolour or warp. There are also a range of high-performance glass options available for those looking to enhance their privacy.

Made by Leading Manufacturers

Your home should be a place you can relax in, which is why we have designed our range of exceptional products with your best interests in mind. We have chosen to work with a market leading manufacturer to make sure our products are of an exceptional quality and high-performance rate. With your end-goal in mind, we can guarantee your home will reap the benefits of our lantern roofs.

We have chosen to work with Global, who are a market-leading company, renowned for providing exceptional products at an affordable price. Their lantern roofs go through rigorous quality checks to ensure they are of the highest quality before leaving the factory to be installed into your home. With a high level of customer satisfaction, your home can be better protected from the outside weather and elements.

Get in Touch

To hear more about our range of exceptional lantern roofs ready to install into your home, give us a call on 01371 821 917. Our team of highly-trained experts are on hand to ensure you are getting the best customer service. This means they are able to answer any questions you have in detail giving you tailored advice to suit your situation. We will be able to provide you with a quick quote.

Or, if you are pressed for time, you can send us an email to We will get back to you answering your questions in as much detail as possible. Our team of dedicated staff members are on hand to provide you with high-quality information and tailored advice suitable to your needs. We can even call you back at a time that suits you.

Alternatively, use our cleverly designed quoting engine. We have manufactured this to provide a true cost on the price of your lantern roofs. You can customise your lantern roofs to be the same colours and finishes as your home, making sure you are getting a seamless blend. With this in mind, be sure to factor these in to obtain a true cost of your desired lantern roofs.


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